Meet the Letter People

The Letter People are designed by Abrams and Company Publishers of Waterbury, Connecticut

West Central Kindergarteners learn to recognize their letters and sounds through the use of the "Letter People" curriculum.

There are 26 letter people, 13 males and 13 females.  The five vowels are referred to as "Letter Lights."  The "Letter Lights" are memorable to students because they have a sunshine on their shoulder.  When a "Letter Light" is introduced, students know that the letter will make two sounds (long vowel and short vowel).

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Miss A says "Aaaachoo!"

Mr. B has beautiful buttons!

Mr. C has a colossal cap!

Mr. D does a dazzling dance!

Miss E has exercise energy!

Miss F has funny feet!

Mr. G has gooey gum!

Mr. H has happy hair!

Mr. I has impossible inches!

Miss J has a jingle jingle jacket!

Miss K has a kaboom kick and she's kind!

Miss L has the longest laugh!

Mr. M has a munching mouth!

Mr. N has a noisy nose!

Mr. O is opposite

Miss P has pointy patches!

Mr. Q asks quiet questions!

Mr. R has rainbow ribbons for his roses!

Miss S has super socks!

Miss T has tall teeth!

Miss U's unusual umbrella flies up!

Miss V wears a vegetable vest!

Miss W wears wonderful words!

Mr. X is different than all the other letter people!

Miss Y has a yodeling yawn!

Mr. Z has zipping zippers!

Each letter person has a catchy tune that students learn during the week.  Each letter person also has a distinct personality, which helps students remember the phonics rules of the letter.

The letter person speaks directly to the teacher, and the teacher must translate for the students.  For example, "Miss A," might need some help finding out how to tell her teacher she doesn't feel well.  "Miss A" might whisper to the teacher, and the teacher can ask the class to help her.

The letter people become part of the class to the kindergarteners, and kindergarteners love their letter people friends!